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BEWARE – For reasons described below, Loren Comitor is a depraved individual with no morals or ethics and engaged in FRAUD & FALSE-ADVERTISING while working with Dr. Carlos J Puig and Puig Medical Group (PMG, aka Cleveland Hair Centers); see PROOF in these Google websites: Loren Comitor was one of the main individuals featured in PMG’s 1994 marketing brochure that was full of FRADULENT CLAIMS, FALSE ADVERTISING, and OUTRIGHT LIES.

As proven in this website, PMG doctors, marketing consultants [i.e. Loren Comitor], and staff engaged in FRAUD, FALSE-ADVERTISING, AND BLATANTLY UNETHICAL CONDUCT. I was one of the many victims that were left SCARRED AND DISFIGURED by PMG doctors like Carlos Puig. I was also one of the many victims who were grossly misled and lied to by PMG’s 1994 marketing brochure described below.

I have found several other victims who created their own websites documenting their HORRIBLE experiences as a patient of PMG. See example in this link: [WARNING: GRAPHIC images in this link]: Examples of false claims and deceptive statements found in the 1994 brochure: - Suggesting that a hair transplant can result in a "full head of hair", which is physically impossible. - That "most men have an overabundance" of donor supply. - That hair transplant patients will be able to style their hair almost any way that they want to.

- That a disfiguring scalp reduction surgery is a "minor procedure" that will "give a more natural result." Again, Loren Comitor was featured in an insert page of the brochure [see: ]. Comitor’s page talks about PMG’s hair transplants being “virtually undetectable”, “cosmetically incredible”, “dramatic”. Comitor himself is quoted as saying “it’s a miracle…I’m so lucky….when doctors can do this unbelievable work”!! The amount of PURE HYPE on this insert page is sickening, coming from a medical practice.

Surgical techniques may evolve and change, but the definition of "undetectable" does not change over time. For proof Comitor worked with Carlos Puig, just see Puig’s endorsement of Comitor on his linkedin page Puig writes: “Loren is an experienced marketing consultant, especially for medical or health care related practices. I have worked with him on no less than 10 or 12 big projects over the last 20 years….” Comitor’s linkedin page as of 9/22/2017 is also saved here: Puig is also Comitor’s friend in Facebook, and Puig is listed as one of the doctors on Comitor’s most recent employer’s website, Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, see: A copy of the webpage as of September, 2017 is also saved here: PMG’s 1994 promotional brochure is filled with misleading and false statements that prevented patients from making an informed decision about a life-altering cosmetic surgery. PMG distributed this deceptive brochure to patients under the pretense of "educating" them.

By deliberately misleading patients with promotional material, PMG put its own profits ahead of the well-being of their patients. If Loren Comitor or Carlos Puig had an ounce of ethics in them, they wouldn’t have put so much HYPE on the insert page or the brochure. However, their primary motivation was GREED, sell surgeries at any cost, so they had no hesitation whatsoever to put as much HYPE as possible in the brochure. Another example of unethical conduct: on pg 8 of the brochure, it stated: "You know you have a problem or you wouldn't have requested this material".

Here's Comitor, Puig & Puig Medical Group were stooping to humiliation to try to "close" on a sale!! Would a legitimate physician or an ethical marketing consultant try to tell a self-conscious patient that their hair loss is a "problem"? OF COURSE NOT!! Maybe the balding men who don't get cosmetic surgery "don't know they have a problem"??

Again, there are numerous other examples of hype and lies that you can review here: Comitor is a depraved individual with no morals or ethics and belongs in a mental institution for depraved individuals.

I am justified in saying this because he was part of a team that was perfectly willing to permanently disfigure many patients, including me, just for a few thousand dollars that PMG charged for each scalp-reduction surgery. Comitor’s only motivation is greed, and he is fully willing to lie, cheat, and ruin innocent people’s lives just to make money and support his lifestyle.

Review about: Physicians Hair Restoration Center Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Loren comitor engaged in fraud false-advertising.

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